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Fast Track Your Career with Myers Briggs

Most Fortune 500 companies use personality testing to understand who will excel at which job, and which jobs are fulfilling to which people. We give you the test and then we tell you how to use the results to get the life you want.

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The better your career fits who you are, the more quickly you’ll reach your goals. Personality type is the secret weapon for anyone racing up the corporate ladder. Personality type also holds the key to understanding where you will be most fulfilled in your career.

Why You Should Take This Course

This course will teach you how to read someone’s personality in less than two minutes by simply talking to that person. The key to managing your career is in understanding your own strengths and those of the people around you, so you can use your skills to make yourself more valuable to other people.

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Fast Track Your Career with Myers Briggs

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Penelope Trunk

Quistic is the fourth startup Penelope has founded. Each company she built was focused on a community. Her own career path has had twists and turns and frequent freelancing, which she documents on her blog, which reaches more than one million readers a month. Inc. magazine called Penelope “the world’s most influential career coach.”

Rob Toomey

Rob Toomey has spent the last ten years helping people understand their personality type. He is the founder of Type Coach, a company that helps organizations work better through a common understanding of personality type. Earlier, before he knew about personality type preferences and where he fit best, he was a lawyer.

What People are Saying about this Course:

I wanted to know the way the personality type was explained. I found it much more helpful than anything else I've seen before. It's career focused and much better organized. Everything else is too touchy-feely and seems scattered.


Thanks so much for the practical and helpful advice in the seminar. I learned so much about my personality type and how I relate to friends, family and co-workers. I never understood why I could excel in many areas and careers, yet feel drained and unsatisfied in some and motivated and fulfilled in others. Looking back, I think personality type had a lot to do with it. One of the most helpful activities has been to place the people I know in the 16 boxes and notice the patterns. All my closest friends are in two boxes and all the people I have the most conflict with are in another two boxes. I now understand why and how to improve my relationships.

Lindsay H.

This seminar was great! There was so much info in each one and I think I'd like to watch them all again, maybe even twice (to be honest, I'd like to watch one time and just read the chat... there were so many interesting comments/conversations).

Trista S.

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  • Understand your type. If you understand your own score you will overcome your weaknesses more readily and put yourself in positions where you are likely to succeed. Also, you’ll understand so much more about your past because you’ll have a better sense of who you are.
  • Understand other people’s types. It’s actually possible to hear about 20 sentences from someone and get a good sense of that person’s score. And once you get good at that, you feel like a mind reader. It’s incredibly empowering because it allows you to connect with people much faster and more meaningfully than ever before.
  • Use that information to be an extraordinary communicator. The key to talking to people so they will listen is in understanding how they want to hear you. Using Myers Briggs information to guide your communication makes you a better leader, better manager, better collaborator—and even a better parent.


  • Be a better manager by understanding what motivates different types of people. You can only motivate people by using what they care about, not what you care about. Understanding the difference is essential to being able to lead a wide range of people.
  • Become a star in your career by understanding what truly sets you apart from other people at work. We underestimate our standout strengths because they are so natural to us. They come so easily to us that we assume most people have them. The best way to understand how we are special is to understand other peoples’ strengths in the context of our own. This allows us to see how we fit together and how we stand out as well.
  • Recognize your hurdles as a product of your personality type and find new ways around them. Each of use can get to the top of our field if we know what is holding us back. Most people have a sense of their weaknesses, but weaknesses are paired with strengths, and if you see your weaknesses as part of your package you’ll understand better how to compensate.


  • Find your best career path. If you’re stuck or you’re looking to change careers, you absolutely should understand the demands of your personality type before you move forward. The best way to make a smart career move is to do it in the context of your strengths within your personality type and what will make you feel fulfilled. For many people fulfillment is a mystery. It will not be after this session!
  • Find your best inspiration. If you surround yourself with people who drain you, you don’t benefit and neither do they. Often, though, we pick people who are familiar to us instead of who is best for us. At work and at home our inspiration comes from our environment—but only if it is conducive to our finding fulfillment. Understanding your Myers Briggs score is like getting a recipe for creating surroundings that will encourage your fulfillment.
  • Find your best mate. Really. The Myers Briggs system totally works for this. And even if it’s too late to pick a mate based on your Myers Briggs score, understanding your needs in this context will make you better at getting your needs fulfilled, no matter who you are with.


Penelope answers the most common questions on personality type.