Teach a Course

Do you have a blog, readers, engagement — but no revenue from it? We can fix that.

We partner with select bloggers to help them create webinars that generate revenue now and in the future. This is sustainable income — a blogger’s dream.

Your webinar is just the starting point.

Your readers are eager to attend your webinar. Expect sign-ups. But your webinar is also an opportunity to introduce participants to products and services that bring in additional income.

What We Can Do For You

We handle all the hard stuff — really, all of it.

  • Course outline and planning
  • Page design
  • SEO
  • Payment processing
  • Customer service
  • Technology

And we show you

  • Books
  • Consulting
  • Coaching
  • Discounts and incentives
  • Other customized revenue sources for your readership

How Much Can You Make?

Our fee is 50% of the webinar tuition. Nothing up front. We believe in anyone we choose to partner with. And we take no part of anything you sell within the webinar, like a book. That’s all additional revenue for you, and it can be in the thousands.


Please email us possible partnership opportunities and we will get back to you to discuss how we can help you generate revenue from your blog and serve your readership community.

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