How to get a job when you graduate college

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Landing a job after college can be a very stressful time in a young professional’s life. Leading career coach Penelope Trunk shares her best tips for finding a job after college.


This video is a piece of a live seminar Penelope recently hosted at Kent University in the UK.


1.    Your resume is a marketing document.
Most graduates think they have to include everything they have done on their resume. A resume is a marketing tool, not your life story, so only include the successes.

2.    Don’t wait for permission to put something on your resume.
You don’t need someone to hire you to include it on your resume. You can put all of your achievements on your resume whether or not you were paid for them.

3.    Focus on the mentoring, not the job.
You can find a great job working in any industry. The key to a great career is finding a job that offers mentor opportunities that will get you to the next level. Look for a company that offers mentoring and growth opportunities.

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