What INFJs need most (I know because I've coached almost all of them)

Most INFJs sign up for a coaching session to get career advice. But actually INFJs never have career problems. That’s right. Never. What INFJs need help with is understanding what is not right for them. I will show how to identify the real INFJ problems through genuine examples of INFJs that you will all identify with.  And how to solve them.

So you should take this course if you’re an INFJ. Because INFJs love to learn about themselves and I know a lot about INFJs. Why? Because I do individual coaching sessions with about a gazillion INFJs every year.

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What INFJs need most (I know because I

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Penelope Trunk

Penelope Trunk has been writing online and coaching professional writers for more than a decade. She has published 5 books, and had her advice syndicated in more than 200 newspapers. Penelope taught writing at Harvard, Brown, and the University of Paris. 

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Four days of on-demand video sessions and email-based course materials about the issues INFJs face that no other type has to deal with. You can purchase this course for anytime, on-demand access. 

Day one: Overview of INFJs so everyone is on the same page. 

This session will be fast-paced and full of information to provide a common ground for us.

  • Ten things you don't know about INFJs.
  • The five things I hate most about INFJs.
  • How INFJs are the most rare type in the world and yet the most common type of person in my life.
  • Why I always keep at least one INFJ very close to me.

Day two: How to distinguish a work problem from a non-work problem (and why INFJs never have work problems). 

This session will describe what is really happening at work. Once you understand all things work about INFJs, you'll never ask for career coaching again.

  • How I can tell if I'm reading an email from an INFJ.
  • How I can tell if I'm reviewing a resume from an INFJ.
  • How people expect an INFJ to perform at work.
  • How an INFJ should perform at work.

Day three: How to cope with the hardest thing about being an INFJ (seeing right through everyone and knowing everyone's problems, without telling everyone they're doing it wrong).

You know too much about the world. And you can edit anything and make it better. But people don't see that. Because you are not loud or obnoxious and also you're terrible at self-promotion. So. What to do?

  • How to leverage your ability to see through anyone.
  • Understand when (and when not) to edit something to make it better.
  • How to attract the best mentors for INFJs.
  • What other personality types think of INFJs.

Day four: The plans you need to make to get through life as an INFJ. 

This session will be one-on-one sessions with INFJs and you will listen in. And participate. Everyone will come away from this session with an action plan. Not that you need help with that part, because you're already amazing at plans. But what you do need is some big-picture, zoomed-out thinking about your life in order for you to nail down to the details. That's what I'll give you.

  • Identify the specific roadblocks you've had in your life.
  • Learn how to talk yourself through your own issues by being your own coach.
  • Create a vision for your life going forward.
  • Get credit for your gifts and go where you're appreciated.


At the end of the course we'll continue meeting so you can benefit from having a group of INFJs like you. We'll have bi-weekly discussions at 7pm on Mondays for three months following the end of this course. We'll talk about any topics that interest you.