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Get Great at Salary Negotiation

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The key to negotiating salary is knowing what you’re worth to the employer and the best way to ask for that amount. This course will show you top tactics negotiators use to get what they want and how to chart your career so that you can negotiate a higher salary year after year.

During this course, we’ll show you how to find the data your employer is using to determine salaries. You’ll also gain confidence to ask for what you’re worth. You’ll find out the biggest mistakes people make when negotiating, and you’ll learn the five steps to creating a scenario where the hiring manager has to say yes to you.

If you hate negotiating, this course will give you the confidence to bring up tough topics every single time. If you love conflict and think you are great at negotiation, you probably make everyone you meet hate you. This course will make you better at the process.

Why You Should Take This Course

The best negotiators can actually negotiate for both sides at the same time. The goal is to make everyone in the room happy with the outcome. This course will show you how to do this.

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Get Great at Salary Negotiation

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Penelope Trunk

Quistic is the fourth startup Penelope has founded. Earlier in her career she was a journalist syndicated by the New York Times and played professional beach volleyball. Inc. magazine called Penelope “the world’s most influential career coach.”

Katie Bardaro

Katie Bardaro is the lead economist and data analytics director for, the world’s leading provider of cloud compensation data and software to employees and employers. Katie has provided analysis on compensation data and trends for print/online and broadcast media.

Dan Schawbel

Dan Schawbel is a personal branding consultant and the author of “Promote Yourself: The New Rules for Career Success.” The New York Times called Schawbel a “personal branding guru.”

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I just wanted to say thanks for making this extremely useful. It's exceeded my expectations in almost every way.

Leslie C.

This was awesome.

Henry C.

Having this level of access to Penelope and her experience is pretty amazing.

Cheryle J.

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Each person has his or her own style of negotiation. You can’t use someone else’s style, because you won’t look strong. In this session, learn how to use your own style to get the best results. You’ll evaluate your current skills and develop a clear, actionable list of changes you can make to best leverage your natural negotiating strengths.


The more you understand how compensation data works, the more you can steer negotiations to go your way. This session will show you how to find and use convincing compensation data to support your salary agenda and to simplify negotiations with your employer.


The best way to get a high salary is to prepare beforehand. If you think of yourself as a top-tier product that you sell to employers, the benefits are much easier to quantify during salary negotiations. The more important you are to a company, the more easily you can negotiate for more money. In this session, Dan Schwabel will focus on proven tactics for specialization and differentiation.