Perfect ENFJ balance: Make people happy while getting things done

The only type that is great at navigating the workplace and great with people is the ENFJ. This means that most ENFJs have rewarding careers, and most ENFJs are excellent family members. Problems arise for ENFJs when they have to make difficult choices — more than any other type, it is crushing to an ENFJ to have to choose between family and career.

Balance for an ENFJ is different  than other types because there is not one part of life where an ENFJ is clearly deficient. This course will help ENFJs zero-in on exactly what is special about them, so they can focus on that. The ENFJ is so capable in so many ways but if you try to do everything you will exhaust yourself, and then fulfillment will elude you.

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Perfect ENFJ balance: Make people happy while getting things done

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Penelope Trunk

Penelope Trunk has been writing online and coaching professional writers for more than a decade. She has published 5 books, and had her advice syndicated in more than 200 newspapers. Penelope taught writing at Harvard, Brown, and the University of Paris. 

What People are Saying about this Course:

I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. They completely transformed my thoughts about work, and relationships.


Bravo. Thanks for a great course. Life affirming and life changing.


This course was great! It's really eye-opening to be able to understand others better so I don't take things so personally. Instead, I can understand them better and be able to help them in a more efficient manner.


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Session 1:  ENFJs are charismatic, generous, and gracious, so why aren't they running the whole universe?

This session will give you a very clear picture of your strengths and weaknesses. And you'll also get a good idea of how other types see you. You have an amazing ability to judge people when you meet. This session will help you leverage that gift to be able to know someone's personality type the first few minutes you meet them.

Session 2: The five essentials to workplace success for ENFJs.

ENFJs are natural connectors, which means there are lots of resources the ENFJ can use to create a fulfilling job that does not take over their personal life. While other types struggle to find this sort of job, the visionary, creative problem solving that comes easily to an ENFJ will open opportunities other people do not see. This session will show you how to lay the groundwork for a fulfilling, flexible career that allows you to be your best, most inspirational and sensitive self both at work and at home.

Session 3: ENFJs create happy families. Stop worrying so much and just make a good plan.

The ENFJ has great judgment when it comes to people. You'll learn to use this skill to ensure you get a spouse who is a team player, and someone who can create the life you envision for yourself. In this session you'll learn how to create a family environment where you can constantly improve yourself without letting your perfectionist streak infiltrate your relationships.

Session 4: Ask me anything!

We'll cover your questions on any topic. And I can't wait to hear what they are!