INTP Bootcamp: Get paid to do all the research you’d do anyway

Traits of an INTP: serial hobbyist, internally motivated, analytical and imaginative. How do these add up to a successful, fulfilling career in a world that is largely too conventional for an INTP? This course will tell you.

You should take this course to help other people understand how to interact with you so you don’t bite their head off. The world is full of illogical people. This course tells you how to avoid them.

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INTP Bootcamp: Get paid to do all the research you’d do anyway

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Penelope Trunk

Penelope Trunk has been writing online and coaching professional writers for more than a decade. She has published 5 books, and had her advice syndicated in more than 200 newspapers. Penelope taught writing at Harvard, Brown, and the University of Paris. 

What People are Saying about this Course:

This course was so helpful in giving me actionable items to achieve my business goals, and in helping me to understand where I fit in the workplace and what my strengths are and aren't. Thank you!


I learned some important things about my INTP-ness that I can use to make myself a better person, and be happier and more valuable at work.


The videos and the reading material are more helpful and instructive than most of the INTP resources that I have found online. I appreciate you making this course available.


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This course includes four days of on-demand video sessions and email-based course materials. You can purchase this course for anytime, on-demand access.

Session One: Find the people who won't annoy you . (And where have they been all your life?)

INTPs are known for their brilliant theories and unrelenting logic – in fact, they are considered the most logically precise of all the personality types. This means you need to be able to recognize illogical types before they can get near you: People who rely on their rank. People who lie. People who are overly emotional.

You will never work well with these types. This session will also help you target the people who will enhance your life. Who will be fun to debate? Who will be a good sounding board? And, of course, why is it so hard for you to get a date? We will ask all these questions, and since I'm an ENTJ and not an INTP, we will actually answer the questions as well.

Session Two: How to make a decision. (Find someone to do it for you!)

Look, you're not going to ever have enough information to make a decision. Which is fine with you, of course, because closure is not your sweet spot. Fortunately, decision makers love you because you help them make better decisions. So stick around them - they'll make you look less crazy.

(Hold it. Did you know people think you're crazy? Yes. They do. They think you don't understand how the world works even as you ask more questions than anyone to understand how the world works.) Find the way people succeed without having to make those random, ill-conceived decisions that plague most top leaders.

Session Three: Resume rescue for the INTP.

Most creative thinkers have irregular career trajectories. INTPs are extreme versions of this. Fortunately, because the INTP is very useful to rigid, hierarchical types, the INTP resume can always be saved. This session will tell you how to rework your resume to get the best job for you. You'll also learn how to sell yourself in an interview. The hiring process is often emotional, which is an uncomfortable spot for you.

This session will show you how to focus any interviewer on your stunning ability to spot patterns and discrepancies before anyone else. Because in most cases, that's what you're selling in an interview.

Session Four: Ask me anything (and I'll try to keep up!)