How to get a job at a startup

If you want a job at a startup but you’ve never worked at a startup, this course is for you. Getting a job is easy if you know the unwritten rules of the industry. This course will lead you through that process.

If you like a fast-paced work environment with a high learning curve, then it’s a good bet that startup life is for you. This course will show you how to get your dream job- even if you have no experience.

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How to get a job at a startup

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Penelope Trunk

Quistic is the fourth startup Penelope has founded. Each company she built was focused on a community. Her own career path has had twists and turns and frequent freelancing, which she documents on her blog, which reaches more than one million readers a month. Inc. magazine called Penelope “the world’s most influential career coach.”

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This course includes three days of video sessions, email-based course materials, and a 20-minute one-on-one coaching session with Penelope. You can purchase this course for anytime, on-demand access.

Day One: The all-important cultural fit. 

The number-one hiring consideration in a startup is the cultural fit. We'll talk about why that is, and how to make yourself a good fit for the companies you are most excited about joining.

Also, good news: the obsession with cultural fit means you don't need to be highly qualified for any particular position. This gives you leeway to describe the best version of yourself in your dream job instead of dwelling on past experiences that weren't right for you. We'll show you how to do this.

Day Two: Talk like you belong and then everyone will believe it.

There is a language to the startup universe. And because startups are all about speed, no one wants to have to take the time to show you the startup ropes after you're hired.

There are timetables, goal posts, and mentoring scenarios that only exist in this sometimes insular world. And you need to know that common language before you apply for jobs.

In this session we'll show you tricks for learning the lingo quickly, and how to shift your way of thinking, and your approach to work so you look like you have been in the startup world forever. Bonus: you will feel the excitement and engagement that comes with a startup life even before you go to your first interview.

Day Three: Do's and don'ts of pitching yourself to a startup.

You will be shocked to find that there are way more opportunities for you than you imagined. This means you'll have to sort through options, and know how to determine the best way to sell yourself in each circumstance.

This session will teach you how to figure out who controls which jobs and who wants to see which pitch. Some people want to see a resume, some people don't. Some people want you to start contract, some people don't. Some people care only about references, some people care only about the ideas you have this minute.

This session will show you how to talk about yourself in a way that makes people want you on their team - no matter what your past experience includes.

One-on-one Coaching Session

Once you've finished watching the videos, I invite you to call me for a 20-minute coaching session where we can discuss your particular situation for getting a job at a startup.

Please email me at to set up a time to talk. You'll be pleasantly surprised how much we can accompish in just 20 minutes.