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1. Too much socializing drains your energy
2. You make up your mind but there's a good chance you'll change it.
3. You prefer to work your way through a situation rather than plan out all the details
4. Other people's concerns become your concerns
5. Making your bed is rewarding to you
6. You'll take time to think about improving each situation
7. You readily show compassion
8. The more you interact with others, the more energized you feel
9. Keeping your space tidy is a must
10. You have plenty of willpower
11. Your main focus is on what you can do right now, not tomorrow
12. When your boss wants the project done on Wednesday, you take that to mean towards the latter part of the week
13. Expressing your feelings comes naturally to you
14. It usually takes you a long time to open up with new people you meet
15. You trust your personal experience rather than other people's theories
16. You thrive when you have time to prepare in advance
17. When you figure something out that works you stick with that way of doing it
18. You take pride in being on time
19. You are generally ok acting on your emotions without thinking things through
20. You can scrutinize anything
21. You don't think about why the wasps are in your attic, you just get rid of them
22. Using sound logic is how you deal with problems
23. You like when other people focus their attention on you
24. You prefer tradition to change
25. You can usually forsee several possible outcomes for the present situation
26. When you start a new job, you quickly start to mingle with your coworkers
27. You ponder possible theories of what is happening around you
28. You are more comfortable with one or two friends than a room full of people
29. You rely on your mind rather than your feelings to make decisions
30. The bigger your social network, the better you feel
31. You are focused and put your time to good use
32. You don't become anxious easily
33. You feel a personal connection to the characters you read about in books
34. It's important to try things out for yourself
35. You consider what the fate of humans will be in 20 years
36. Solving problems if more fun than arriving at an answer
37. You'd rather go fishing than go to the party down the street
38. Meeting deadlines is important to you
39. You do your work quickly
40. You try to avoid commitments
41. You speak to the point without worrying how what you say will affect your relationship
42. You keep close tabs on the progress of your project
43. You find it useful when people offer criticism of your work
44. You enjoy being in a fast-moving environment
45. bending the rules is often necessary to reach the desired goal
46. You make decisions based on your values
47. You dwell on the possibilities of life
48. You are always up for an adventure
49. You'd rather read a book at home than go out on the town
50. You keep your eyes peeled for the next opportunity
51. Conversation comes naturally to you at social gatherings
52. When you help somebody you don't expect to be repaid
53. You find the unexpected events in your life stimulating
54. You'd rather decide on a quick course of action than weigh all the options
55. You are soft spoken
56. You prefer trying new ways of doing things rather than using familiar ways
57. Being alone in a quiet room for an extended amount of time sounds relaxing
58. You keep a steady routine
59. You can grasp new concepts without much effort
60. You don't waver from your principals
61. Telling others about how you feel is hard to do
62. You can easily empathize with others
63. Other people consider you trustworthy
64. You look forward to time spent socializing with a large group of friends
65. You'd rather see someone pay a just sentence for their crime than be given another chance
66. Hearing about people's difficult situations stirs up your emotions
67. You are never anxious in a room full of people
68. You shy away from being at the center of attention
69. At a crime scene, you would rely on the evidence at hand versus possible surrounding events
70. You trust your gut over careful planning
71. You struggle if you don't have alone time every day
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