Take control of your happiness now

This course is the shortcut through the studies to show you the science-based way to make your life happy. The amount of research about happiness that’s been published in the last ten years is astronomical. I read the books and papers so you don’t have to!

This course will organize a huge amount of research on happiness into three manageable categories. The course helps you leverage scientific findings right now to make your life happy. And, bonus: you will find out really what happiness means to you. Because you have to know what you’re aiming for in order to get it.

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Take control of your happiness now

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Penelope Trunk

Penelope Trunk has founded four startups. Currently she is CEO of Quistic. Penelope has published business advice in more than 200 newspapers and Inc. magazine called Penelope “the world’s most influential career coach.”

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Day one: Jobs that make people happy

There is a pretty simple formula for what makes a good job and what makes a bad job. Most of us overanalyze the problem and start considering factors that don’t matter. The good news about finding a job is that it’s relatively easy to find a good one. You just have to know what scientists say you should look for.

Day two: Locations that make people happy

Sometimes our dream location is a place where happiness would be impossible to find. Other times we think we're in a terrible location, but it’s actually a wonderful place for creating a happy life. While it seems there are infinite possibilities for where to live, each of us has two or three places that would make us the most happy. Once you know those places picking a place to live is a pretty easy task.

Day three: Relationships that make people happy

People have more impact on our happiness than anything else in life. This session will show you how to make the most of what you have (siblings, neighbors, co-workers). You'll also find out how to maximize the happiness your own family creates. Science tells us how to pick a partner, how to make a happy marriage and how to raise happy kids. This is straightforward research that almost dares you to follow it.

Day four: Ask me anything!

I have been reading about the science of happiness for ten years, and now, finally my encyclopedic knowledge will be useful. Your questions don’t have to be about happiness. They can be on any topic. But fortunately (or unfortunately) everything leads back to happiness.